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Whether it’s the food that we feed them or the types of toys we monitor them playing with, as parents we’re always cautious of what we expose our children to. We ultimately want them to be the healthiest and the safest under our watch, but this isn’t always an easy task.

Surprisingly, most parents actually aren’t aware of the many harmful ingredients and elements that are found in kids’ shampoos, soaps and other bath time products. Many companies think that parents will quickly buy their shampoo as long as they put the word “gentle” on the label.

But there are a variety of different chemicals that are known to be in these kids’ shampoos and soaps. This expresses the importance of exploring and using organic shampoo for kids. But what is organic shampoo and how do I find the best one? Here is a guide that can help you to find the best organic shampoo for kids or the best natural shampoo for kids.

"Many companies think that parents will quickly buy their shampoo as long as they put the word “gentle” on the label."

Benefits of Organic Shampoo

They’re gentle

Babies and children have more sensitive and fragile hair than us adults do, increasing the importance of cleaning them with gentle formulas. By definition, natural shampoo is made with gentle formulas that help to decrease your baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals or negative reactions. According to New Direction Aromatics, regular shampoos are more likely to introduce your baby’s skin to these harsh chemicals, since they aren’t as monitored and carefully-tested.

child with beautiful hair


Organic shampoos and washes are safer to use than other types of standard shampoos because their ingredients have been through more intensive and careful testing measures. Even more, Global Healing says that you can trust the safety of organic shampoos because they contain all natural ingredients, which don’t have nearly as much potential for causing negative reactions as standard shampoos do.

Strong skin and hair growth

In addition to their safety and gentle elements, organic shampoos can also aid your kids in having strong, healthy and fast-growing hair. Regular shampoos can not only be rough on your kids’ skin, but they can increase the risk of hair loss due to the irritation that they can cause on your oil glands. MetroNews even claims that organic shampoos contain natural ingredients that can aid in hair growth, since some have essential oils in them.

"Regular shampoos can not only be rough on your kids’ skin, but they can increase the risk of hair loss."


Lastly, organic shampoos are also healthier for your kids because your children’s skin will absorb the natural ingredients and use them to their benefit. Since regular shampoos can have harsh chemicals in them, you’re essentially increasing the risk of your children’s skin absorbing those harmful ingredients. And according to USAToday, this can cause negative reactions to not only your kids’ skin but also your skin as well.

best organic shampoo for kids

How to Choose the Best Organic Shampoo for Kids

Use only 100% Organic Shampoo

The ingredients are one of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for the best organic shampoo for kids. Some products will contain only a few organic ingredients and still claim themselves to be “natural and organic,” which can be problematic for those of you that have kids with sensitive skin.

That being said, it’s important that you review ALL of the ingredients on each baby wash or shampoo product before you purchase it, let along apply it on your kid’s skin. Green and Growing claims hat you’ll want a product that’s 100% organic, rather than only partially organic. And that’s even if you’re using organic shampoos on yourself.

Shampoo with Detangling qualities

Given that kids have very fragile and young hair, it’s also important that you find a shampoo with detangling qualities. As you’re probably aware, most shampoos on the market ingredients that dry out your hair, increasing the knots and tangles when it’s dry.

Shampoos for kids seem to have similar effects, which is why natural products are more recommended. That being said, you’ll want a shampoo that’s moisturizing and detangling to ensure that you can brush your kid’s hair afterwards without them feeling any pain.

Organic Shampoo with Natural and Calming scent

You should also consider the type of scent that each shampoo product delivers. The best organic shampoo for kids will feature only a slight fragrance that’s natural and calming. If there are any strong scents within the shampoo, then you can almost be sure that the manufacturer has added artificial ingredients, which can increase negative reactions for your child.

Hypoallergenic Organic Shampoo

Having a shampoo that’s hypoallergenic is also important because it essentially makes that shampoo easier for children with skin sensitivities to use. Hypoallergenic shampoos are tested in order to ensure that there are no harsh or triggering ingredients that may cause your child’s skin to become irritated or have an allergic reaction to.

Tear-free Formula Shampoo for babies

Especially for babies, it’s important that you find a shampoo with a tear-free formula. This ultimately means that if the shampoo happens to get into their eyes when you’re washing or rinsing their hair, it won’t cause any pain or discomfort. Kids don’t always understand when to close their eyes during bath time, so it’s important that you have a tear-free formula for your child.

washed kid crying because of a shampoo

"Kids don’t always understand when to close their eyes during bath time, so it’s important that you have a tear-free formula for your child."


Lastly, it’s important that you find a shampoo that comes in a bottle with a size large enough to last you for as long as possible. Some products advertise their great features while only having a small bottle to fit their formula, which will eventually lead to you spending more money over time.

Instead, you’ll want a formula that’s available in a large bottle that lasts for long periods of time. Even more, you may want to consider purchasing a child shampoo product that comes with multiple different bottles in one purchase.

Can I use regular shampoo on my toddler?

Yes. Technically, you can use any regular shampoo on your child, regardless of their age after two years, but it’s not recommended. Regular shampoos aren’t known to monitor their ingredients nearly as much as organic ones are, and they may contain harsh chemicals that can cause your child to develop negative reactions. Organic shampoo is always the safest and most recommended for toddlers.

What’s the difference between baby shampoo and regular shampoo?

There are many differences, mainly being that baby shampoo contains more gentle ingredients. According to ShampooTruth, most baby shampoos have natural elements that are proven to have safe effects. Not only that, but they’re also gentler because they’re designed for use all over your baby’s body, rather than just their head.

Does baby shampoo have chemicals?

Some, yes. According to Force of Nature, certain brands have difficulties creating gentle formulas without using certain chemicals. That’s why it’s important to monitor the types of ingredients that are in your child’s shampoo.

Is Baby Shampoo toxic?

It depends. Some baby shampoos do contain toxins in them, making them dangerous and harmful when used over long periods of time. But not all do, increasing the importance of using organic shampoos. Organic shampoos are derived from natural ingredients, ensuring that there are no toxins in them.

What is the best organic shampoo for babies?

The Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash is classified as the ultimate safest shampoo for babies. It has a fresh and soothing scent that can relax your baby, and it’s formulated with the safest ingredients out of all shampoos on the market.

More specifically, it’s been carefully tested by pediatricians to ensure that it doesn’t contain any phthalates, parabens or other harsh elements that can cause negative effects to children’s sensitive skin.

newborn being washed with organic shampoo

And if you’re looking for extra help regarding giving your baby or small child a bath, this YouTube video may benefit you.

Top 10 Organic Shampoo for Kids

Fresh Monster Toxin-free Hypoallergenic 2-in-1 Kids Shampoo & Conditioner - Best Organic Shampoo for Kids

Classified as the best overall organic shampoo for kids, this shampoo and conditioner from Fresh Monster is suitable for kids of all ages’ bath time adventures. Dermatologist-tested, this hypoallergenic, toxin-free and natural formula is safe and suitable for kids with all skin types.

Whether you’re child has rough or damaged skin, Fresh Monster is widely-known on the market for their ability to deliver great results while containing all natural and plant based ingredients. More specifically, this shampoo and conditioner doesn’t contains any dyes, sulfates, parabens, phthalates or toxins. And it delivers a natural fragrance, is BPA-free and is also cruelty-free.


  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Presents a natural fragrance
  • Derived from plant-based cleaners
  • Fresh Monster has a variety of other natural products for your kids to choose from along with this one


  • Comes in a smaller bottle than other products
  • Doesn’t offer as many moisturizing elements as other shampoos

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo - Best Tear-Free Formula

Formulated with the best elements to keep your baby comfortable during their bath, this baby wash and shampoo from Cetaphil is the most recommended for sensitive babies. It contains a great tear-free formula that can ensure your baby doesn’t experience discomfort if it gets into their eyes, and it’s made with all natural, organic materials.

For instance, this tear-free formula contains a soothing calendula extract to provide both moisture and softness to your baby’s skin. Additionally, it’s also paraben-free, colorant-free and it contains no mineral oil. Lastly, it’s also dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic to ensure that it’s suitable for babies with all skin types to use.


  • Tear-free formula keeps your baby comfortable
  • Soothes your baby during the bath, reducing them crying
  • Made with an organic calendula extract
  • Doesn’t contain any mineral oil, to prevent possible allergic reactions


  • Only suitable for babies, not younger kids
  • No expiration date on the bottle

My Little North Star Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash - Most Long-Lasting

When My Little North Star was producing this natural baby shampoo and body wash, they had safety, convenience and comfort in mind. Presented as a tear-free and hypoallergenic formula, this products can provide your baby with moisturized and healthy skin after its soothing effects are done in the bath.

Even more, this baby wash and shampoo doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. For instance, there are no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or petroleum-based ingredients. And there aren’t even any synthetic perfumes or other hard chemicals that many other shampoos are produced with.


  • Comes with 2 bottles for long-lasting effects
  • Cruelty-free and contains no animal by-products
  • Both bottles come with 16fl oz of material
  • Suitable for newborns


  • May not like the citrus scents
  • More expensive than some other baby products on the market

Everyone 3-in-1 Gentle and Natural Shampoo, Body Wash and Bubble Bath - Most Versatile

If you’re looking for a shampoo that can act as a body wash and bubble bath at the same time, then this product from Everyone may be the most beneficial for you. It’s made with a soothing lavender scent that can help your kids relax and encourage them to sleep. Even more, you can use this product with kids of all ages.

Even more, this Everyone 3-in-1 product comes with two bottles that each contain 32 fl oz in them, giving you the ability to use these bottles for a much longer period of time than others on the market. Lastly, these products contain vitamin B5 and E in order to provide ultimate nourishment to your kid’s skin.


  • Made with recyclable ingredients
  • Presented as an herbal blend of aloe, chamomile and calendula
  • Derived from coconut oil to ensure lots of bubbles
  • Features 2 large 32fl oz bottles


  • Not tear-free
  • Most suitable for newborns or babies

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash for Sensitive Skin - Best for Kids of All Ages

Given that it’s made with plant-based ingredients and no harsh elements, this Puracy baby shampoo and body wash is classified as the most reliable brand for babies of all types of skin. More specifically, it’s made with vegan cleansers that are capable of delivering a soft-foam while also providing the nourishment needed from the fruits and vegetable ingredients.

Moreover, this Puracy shampoo and body wash is suitable for using on kids of all types, whether they be babies, toddlers or older kids. There are no harsh chemicals to ensure safety and comfort, like no sulfates, parabens, animal by-products or other harsh ingredients.


  • Made with fruits and vegetables
  • Suitable for babies and toddlers
  • Provides nourishment and moisture
  • Doesn’t have any perfumes or dyes


  • Some kids may not like the citrus smell, since it’s stronger
  • More expensive than other washes

TBH Kids Oil Controlling Shampoo - Best for Older Kids

For those of you that are looking for a more natural shampoo to use for your older children, TBH has you covered. This particular product can act as a body, face and hair wash, requiring you to spend less than other if you would if you had other products.

More specifically, this all-natural shampoo, body and face wash is completely safe and healthy, since it contains a soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free formula. Even more, it doesn’t contain any harsh elements than a large amount of other tween products have, like parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Especially great for kids going through puberty, this formula is made with a nettle, sage and cedar bark ingredients in order to control the amount of sebum and oil that’s in your kid’s pores on their face. It even helps to maintain their pH balances throughout the day.


  • Features nettle, cedar bark and sage to control sebum
  • Maintains pH balances throughout the day
  • Acts as a face, body and hair wash
  • Doesn’t contain any soy, gluten or nut products


  • Suitable for only older kids
  • Only comes in a 12fl oz bottle, which may not last as long, especially if they use it for their hair, body and face

The Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Wash Tear - Most Affordable

Available for the cheapest price, this body wash and shampoo from The Honest Company is great for delivering great moisture and comfort to your children during their soothing bath time. It features a 2-in-1 formula that gives the shampoo the ability to nourish your child’s hair while provide moisture for their body at the same time.

Even more, it features one of the most relaxing and delicious scents out of most products, since it features an organic vanilla smell. It’s even combined with nourish botanicals that can heighten the relaxing and soothing effects from the product.


  • Presents an organic vanilla relaxing scent
  • One of the cheapest shampoos and body washes for your kid2-in-1 formula provides both nourishment and moisture
  • Features a gentle and tear-free formula


  • Only comes in 1 bottle of 10fl oz
  • Suitable for all hair types, since even you can use it

Nature’s Baby Organics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash - Best Value

Made with all organic materials, this is the best choice for those of you looking for a safe and natural wash for your babies. It’s classified as the best value because it doesn’t contain any animal by-products, parabens, sulfates and it’s even a tear-free formula for an affordable price.

Furthermore, this wash features a slight fragrance that can provide refreshing coconut and pineapple scents. Not only is it great for babies, but you can even use it as a body wash, since it leaves your skin glowing and provides soothing and moisturizing effects.


  • Made with the safest ingredients
  • Dermatologist-tested for additional safety
  • Presents a natural and slight scent
  • Great for children and adults of all ages


  • Previous customers received their bottle in the mail broken
  • Not hypoallergenic

HoneyDew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Kids - Great Budget Organic Shampoo

Not only is this HoneyDew shampoo a great option for people that are on a budget, but it’s also classified as the best organic anti-dandruff shampoo on the market. Most other anti-dandruff shampoos contain harsh chemicals to remove the dandruff from hair. But this formula from HoneyDew is specifically designed in order to both eliminate dandruff as well as provide the moisture in your child’s head to prevent dandruff in the future.

Moreover, this tear-free and hypoallergenic formula is great for kids of all ages that have dandruff and are looking to moisturize not only their hair, but also their scalp. It’s completely organic and doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances, sulfates or other harsh ingredients.


  • Available at an affordable price
  • Compatible with various different conditioning products
  • Hypoallergenic and tear-free
  • Formulated with jojoba oil and tea tree essential oils


  • Not suitable for babies
  • Takes a few weeks to work

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash Pack of 3 - Safest for Babies

Formulated with all natural, organic and soothing ingredients, this baby shampoo and wash is recommended as the safest for newborns or older babies. It’s specifically designed with tear-free ingredients that are non-irritating and hypoallergenic. It’s also pediatrician tested to ensure safety from parabens, phthalates, SLS or petrolatum.

Additionally, this is the best organic shampoo for kids because it features a natural plant-based formula with a soothing and delicious scent. Lastly, it comes in a pack of three bottles, so it will last you for the longest out of all the products on this list.


  • Made with the safest ingredients for babies
  • Pediatrician tested
  • Doesn’t present any harsh fragrances
  • Available in a 3-pack, which lasts longer than other products


  • More expensive than the other products on the market
  • Barely releases a scent, which some find unpleasant


Overall, choosing the right kind of safe, organic shampoo for your kids is one of the most vital factors you can consider for their overall health and well-being. Many of the kids’ shampoos available on the market not only have strong scents, but they may also contain harsh chemicals. Those chemicals can cause negative effects to your child’s health when used over time.

The market for organic shampoos is very diverse, sometimes making the buying process more difficult than it has to be. I provided all helpful information you need in choosing the best organic shampoo for kids in your specific instance. Not only that, but it also contains some of the best organic shampoos on the market. So you can review the list and choose the best one.

Above all, you’re most recommended to purchase product #1: Fresh Monster Toxin-free Hypoallergenic 2-in-1 Kids Shampoo & Conditioner. Not only is it cruelty-free and contains no dyes or harsh scents, but it’s soft on your kid’s skin with the hypoallergenic and gentle formula.

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