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When you need to hold your hairstyle in place, a hairspray is one of the hair care products you need. Although that might be the main reason why you need a hair spray, applying it has many more benefits to your hair, as we will look at below. Conventional hair sprays come loaded with alcohol, parabens, and chemical polymers that might do more harm than good. If you need the benefits of a hair spray without harming your skin or the environment, the best organic hair spray will help you.

The best natural hair spray will not only help you stay true to your values but also help you style your hair just the way you need it. Most are actually more efficient than conventional chemical-loaded hair sprays. Everyone can benefit from a hair spray, including those with curly hair, colored, or dry and kinky hair.

Why Do You Need an Organic Hair Spray?

There are many benefits of using a hair spray. Some of these benefits include:

  • Finishing Hold – A hair spray gives your hair a stronger hold that stays all day. Unlike other creams, gels, and mousses, a hair spray offers flexible control that resists humidity and is free of water.
  • For Styling – Besides holding the hairstyle, you can apply a spray while styling your locks or any other hairstyle. Even when the hair is wet, the spray still works great to set your hair in the desired position. Just spray through the hair as you set it in the desired style. Hair sprays dry fast, and as such, you need to use a little more spray to hold the form.
  • Create Curls – You can create curls on your hair by spraying it across the surface after pre-drying it. Use the curling iron and shape your hair as necessary. After making the curls, respray the hair, and it will cool into the desired shape.
  • Hold Together Strands That Fray Out – If there are unruly strands of hair that you'd rather have straightened into other hair strands, spray a little product on your hand and smooth out the hair.
  • Hide Oily Fringes – If your hair appears oily, you can reduce that and give it a more natural look by spraying it. To do that, use a brush to pull the oily fringes to keep the hair away from the skin and then spray a small amount of spray.
  • Add Hair Volume – You can add hair volume by applying a small amount of spray. To do that, spray a small amount of the product underneath the hair strands. Lift the strands as you spray them, and this will lift the hair off the scalp and make it look like it has maximum volume. 
Why You Should Avoid Conventional Chemical-Loaded Sprays

Why You Should Avoid Conventional Chemical-Loaded Sprays?

While conventional hair sprays might cost you less than the best organic hair spray, they have active ingredients that might be harmful to your skin. They contain polymers, solvents, and fuels. Polymers are chemicals that act as a glue to your hair while the solvents dissolve spray contents into a solution.

Some of the toxic ingredients that may be in your bottle include:

  • Parabens Eugenol
  • Petroleum products
  • Fragrances
  • Fillers
  • Benzyl salicylate

Plastic polymers are so popular on conventional hair sprays. They are effective in relaxing your hair, reducing frizz, and holding your hairstyle. The problem with the plastic polymers is that you can breathe them in, which causes health problems.

Other problems include:

  • It might clog your skin pores, which might cause breakouts. These breakouts not only look unsightly, but they can also be painful and annoying. If you always have acne on your scalp with whiteheads and blackheads, your hair spray might be the cause. 
  • The harmful chemicals can lead to hair loss, drying of the hair, drying the scalp, and thinning the hair. Your skin may also experience irritations and sometimes develop eczema.
  • Acute poisoning might result from inhalation of alcohol, hydrocarbons, and other ingredients. Severe poisoning may result in breathing difficulties, low blood pressure, and sometimes coma.

Types of Hair Sprays

The best natural hair sprays come in categories based on their functions. The effect you desire on your hair will determine the type of hair spray you choose. Before shopping, therefore, consider your hair type and the style you need to achieve.

Below are some of the popular hair spray options:

  • Regular Spray – These sprays primarily hold your hair in place and reduce flyaways.
  • Finishing – The finishing hair spray is stronger than the regular spray. You spray this on the surface of already styled hair after applying all other styling products. The spray gives a tight hold and keeps your hair shiny.
  • Texturizing Spray – This is a type of spray that gives your hair texture without adding weight. It works almost like dry shampoo, only without leaving behind a residue or sucking off the oils from the scalp.
  • Thermal Sprays – These are sprays that protect your hair from heat when you use heat tools to treat your hair. You will spray your hair before using these heat tools to add moisture and keep your hair in good condition.
  • Freeze – This is the industry's strongest hair styling spray. On application, the spray makes your hair look frozen. It reduces the flexibility of your hair, meaning it doesn't move.
  • Volumizing – This is the spray that makes your hair look full, thick, and lush. You apply this spray at the roots of the hair so your hair can erect to make it appear as if it has more volume.
  • Shaping – This is the spray you use when you are styling your hair. However, you cannot use this spray as a final spray as it does not hold well. It is a light option that you should brush through your hair.

How to Use a Hair Spray Appropriately

There are different methods to apply hair spray. Some you use at the roots, others on the surface of the hair, and some you have to brush through your hair. If all you need to is settle unruly hair strands. 

The primary application method is as follows: 

  • Hold the nozzle of the spray bottle at least 12 inches away from your hair. Ensure you spray continuously for consistency. 
  • Make sure that the spray nozzle is clean and free of grease. This way, the spray comes out in a fine mist and not in spurts.
  • For a volumizing hair spray, bend your head backward and shake the hair as your spray it. You can also lift off small segments of your hair and spray at the roots.
  • If you have sensitive skin, try avoiding products with alcohol. If you happen to pick one with alcohol, ensure that you only apply the spray on the hair and not the skin as you might feel irritated. 
types of hair sprays

Benefits of The Best Organic Hair Spray

Some of the terms you will see when shopping for organic hair spray include non-toxic, natural, organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and herbal. The main benefit of the best natural hair spray is that it has no chemicals, which means they are safe.

Today, you can buy these organic sprays online or from so many other stores. Below are some of the benefits you get with organic sprays.

  • They are plant-based with no chemicals or fillers. These ingredients are safe for you on your body. It will nourish your hair, making it more durable and healthier.
  • They offer a tough hold and volume, thanks to the organic ingredients such as coconut oil and argan oil, strengthening the follicle to keep the hair full and healthy.
  • Organic hair sprays are hypoallergenic, and you never have to worry about allergies, skin irritations, and thinning of hair. The sprays work on all types of hair.
  • Organic sprays do not harm the environment. They are organically sourced and plant-based, making them eco-friendly.
  • Most of the organic ingredients absorb into the scalp to nourish it and make it healthier, and your hair can grow better after the application. With conventional sprays, the chemicals absorb into your scalp and might poison your body with chemicals.
Ingredients of Organic Hair Spray

Ingredients of Organic Hair Spray

Most organic hair sprays are sugar-based. Most manufacturers use organic brown sugar, which holds the strands of hair together. Other ingredients you might find in your hair spray include:

  • Aloe Vera – This ingredient holds your hairstyle while also moisturizing and promoting hair growth. It is also medicinal and treats hair issues such as itchy scalp and dandruff.
  • Humectants – These are substances that lock in the moisture in your hair. These are in the form of oils, but the most common one is vegetable glycerin.
  • Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree oil has a great smell. It unclogs the hair follicles and nourishes the roots to promote healthy hair growth. It also protects the skin from bacteria and fungi.
  • Rosemary – This ingredient supports healthy growth of hair, hydrates, and soothes the hair. It is excellent if you have dry hair with dandruff.
  • Other components include coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, thyme oil, and olive oil.

The 8 Best Organic Hair Spray

  • The Enovvia hair spray contains no fragrance but instead has all-natural and straightforward ingredients. It uses a sucrose formula, making it effective at holding any hairstyle you might have.
  • It is chemical-free as the manufacturers source all the ingredients organically. You should, therefore, not expect co-polymers, petroleum derivatives, acrylates, and parabens. 
  • The spray's formula makes it ideal for short and long hair, and men and women. It works on all types of hair, whether colored or natural. 
  • Each bottle is non-aerosol and doesn't, therefore, form a spray cloud that can irritate your eyes or your skin. Again, there are no chemical propellants, further making the spray eco-friendly. 
  • All ingredients come from farms in the USA. The sprays are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Sugar formula


  • Advanced natural hold
  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • The bottle doesn't form any spray cloud
  • Works for all types of hair


  • Might leave the hair sticky, thanks to the sucrose formula
  • Edenis Hair Spray is certified organic and features 100 percent chemical-free formula. It is free from sulfates and parabens. The recipe is also vegan friendly, and Edenis does not perform animal tests.
  • The Dry Oil Mist is a formula for women, but men can still use it. It protects your hair from heat damage by providing the hair with all the nutrients necessary to strengthen it.
  • The lightweight hair spray works perfectly on sensitive hair. It provides the natural oils that the scalp needs to rejuvenate and heal. You can also use it if your hair is dry or damaged.
  • The lightweight nature of the spray makes it non-greasy and easy to apply. It also works fast to hold any style of hair you have without causing further damage. 
  • Because of its natural oils formula, it takes longer for your hair to dry after application, and it also has an anti-frizz effect.


  • Cruelty-free 
  • Non-greasy


  • Lightweight formula that is easy to apply
  • It is non-greasy
  • It is organic certified
  • The manufacturer offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It does not hold for long, and you have to keep re-applying
  • The bottle forms a spray cloud
  • The TreeActiv Hair Nourishing Spray not only helps set your hairstyle but also nourishes the hair for thicker and healthier growth. 
  • It has many organic ingredients, including Argan oil, coconut water, vegan keratin, biotin, vitamin B5, tea tree water, licorice extract, and vitaplex. These ingredients promote hair growth and remove dry skin to moisturize the scalp. 
  • TreeActiv sells this spray to be in the mid-point between a moisturizer and a hair spray. The argan oil in its formula gives it the power to moisturize and nourish your hair for faster growth. The vitamins strengthen the hair to prevent damages.
  • It reduces frizz and color damage for dry and colored hair. To do that, it has a combination of keratin, biotin, and provitamin B5. It also makes the spray ideal when you have dandruff and split ends. 
  • All ingredients are organic. The formula contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. TreeActive does not test its products on animals, and their formulae are vegan-friendly.


  • Argan Oil and Biotin formula
  • For dry hair


  • All- organic ingredients
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the hair besides holding the style
  • Strengthens the hair to prevent breakage
  • Contains a sweet natural smell


  • The spray mechanism leaves the fluid everywhere in the box
  • Does not hold for long, you need to keep re-applying
  • Herbal spray with all-organic ingredients to hold your hairstyle for long. The women's hairspray contains organic hemp seed oil as its main ingredient to lift your hair when you need more volume. The hemp is free of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). 
  • The hemp seed oil is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals. It further contains sea salt for better styling. Besides styling hair, the hemp seed oil moisturizes your scalp. 
  • It is scented with a tropical fragrance that smells like summer. The smell is subtle for those who do not need an overpowering spray. 
  • The ingredients add texture and body to your hair. You can use for any type of hair if you need that wet and beach look you see on magazines getting your hair ready for summer. 
  • You can use the hair spray to reduce frizz, stabilize your hair, and strengthen it to make it resist damage.


  • Scented
  • Volumizing formula


  • Lightweight formula for easy application
  • Works fast to style your hair
  • Non-greasy
  • All-organic ingredient


  • Wears off fast
  • The Nature's Brands organic hair spray has a long list of natural ingredients including purified water, organic brown sugar, organic vodka, olive oil, rosehip oil, thyme herb, bergamot oil, sweet orange oil, geranium oil, green tea, and sage herb.
  • The brown sugar holds your hairstyle in place while other ingredients nourish your hair, moisturize it, and strengthen it. 
  • You can use this product for any type of hair, including curly hair, dry hair, long or short hair, and colored or natural hair. It has a lightweight formula that is easy to apply and one that holds for a long time.
  • Each bottle is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and other chemicals that can harm your skin. The ingredients are vegan friendly, and the manufacturer does not test the spray on animals. 
  • All the ingredients are cold-pressed and non-refined, giving them all the natural benefits.


  • USDA certified organic
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Lightweight formula
  • Contains no chemicals of any type
  • All ingredients cold-pressed and non-refined to preserve their nutrients
  • Formulated from many organic ingredients for added benefits


  • The spray bottle leaves some fluid in the box
  • Suncoat uses a sugar-based formula that doesn't leave your hair greasy but holds its style for a long time. Unlike most organic hair sprays with a lightweight formula, the SunCoat natural hair styling spray holds your style for long periods, so you never have to keep re-applying during the day.
  • It is scent-free and only has the earthy smell of its natural ingredients. The formula also excludes alcohol, making it ideal for users with sensitive skin. 
  • You can use the spray on any type of hair, including dry and frizzy hair, colored or natural, short or long. Besides holding your style, the formula moisturizes your hair and nourishes it for healthier growth. 
  • It is vegan-friendly and non-GMO with all-natural plant ingredients. 
  • The manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee for every bottle you buy.


  • Sugar formula
  • Fragrance and alcohol-free


  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Scent and alcohol-free
  • Offers a strong hold, so you do not have to keep re-applying


  • Feels greasy on the hair
  • The coconut and hibiscus formula of this hair spray adds lightweight moisture and shine on your hair for a fine-textured finish. This formula reduces flyaways, adds hold and shine, and creates texture. 
  • The recipe is suitable for thick and curly hair. It moisturizes your hair and strengthens it to reduce damage.
  • Besides coconut and hibiscus, the SheaMoisture adds neem oil silk protein that moisturizes the hair and reduces frizz. 
  • Like all other products from SheaMoisture, this also contains Shea Butter for curly hair and control frizz. On application, the spray leaves your hair shiny. It also softens your hair and offers a medium hold.


  • Lightweight formula
  • Hibiscus and coconut formula


  • Leaves the hair shiny and moisturized
  • Reduces frizz and softens dry hair
  • Lightweight formula that doesn't leave grease on the hair 
  • Strengthens your hair 


  • The coconut smell is strong and not impressive

Final Thoughts

Using hair spray is the most common way to style your hair. Most hair spray products can hold your hair for a long time, all day. Their formula comes in numerous strengths and varieties to fit different types of hairs and for various functions. However, their formula should be flexible to hold the hair in position without making it tough (unless you choose a freeze hair spray). 

With the best organic hair spray, you are sure to get the benefits of a hair spray without drying your hair or making it tough. Organic sprays also do not cause skin irritations. 

You do not have to try all the products above, pick two or three that match your hair type and the effect you need. You can choose the Ennovia All-Natural Hair Spray or the Edenis Rainforest Dry Oil Hair Mist – two organic hair sprays that work for all types of hair and different hair conditions. The sprays have a lightweight formula for easy application. They can nourish the hair, strengthen it, and style it. Each of the sprays is free from chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and many more. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. 

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