The 13 Best Organic Decaf Coffee Brands

Best organic decaf coffee

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Here are a few of the best supermarket decaf coffee brands that are reasonably priced and have a full bodied flavor. There is quite a big variety of choosing your best organic decaf coffee.


1. Trader Joe’s Decaf Coffee

best organic decaf coffee

If you want safe decaf coffee, Trader Joe’s organic decaf coffee is the best choice. Trader Joe’s Organic Decaf Coffee is a 100% Arabica whole bean coffee that has a long shelf life, keeping its full medium roast flavor. In fact, it is so fresh that the oils are still visible on the bean. The flavor is naturally complete and poised with hints of citrus and caramel.


 2.  Seattle’s Best Decaf

second best organid decaf coffee

This Seattle blend is a medium roast that is ideally proportionate. It has a sweet yet bitter flavor that tantalizes the taste buds. It is the best decaffeinated coffee beans for an afternoon festivity.


 3.  Gevalia Decaf Coffee

third best organic decaf coffee

Finally, a gourmet coffee that is affordable. The Gevalia Kaffe blend of decaf is divine, a definite decaffeinated gourmet coffee to fully enjoy. The Gevalia decaf process is up-to-date in perfection, resulting in a robust and rich flavor. In addition, it is 99.7% decaffeinated, that way you can enjoy the brew to the fullest without the worry of caffeine.


4. Peets Mocca Java Decaf

This is the ideal coffee if you love a brew that is dark and robust. In fact, Peets Mocca Java Decaf one of the best dark roast decaf coffee beans on the market. Even the aroma of this rich coffee is enough to wake you up in the morning. The top-quality coffee is a dark roast with a complex flavor without the acidic aftertaste. It is a sure winner for decaf dark roast coffee lovers.


 5.  No Fun Jo Decaf

Although this brand may have a deceiving name, its coffee is superb. No Fun Joe uses is water processed decaffeinated coffee that is made with perfection. Basically, they begin with the best decaf beans then perform their magic to create the best water processed decaf coffee around. The flavor is mildly robust with a hint of blueberry and quality milk chocolate.


 6.  Don Pablo Decaf Coffee

The Don Pablo decaf coffee is a true Colombian brand composed of 100% Arabica beans. It is also processed the old fashioned way by small batches instead of mass produced. It is one of the few excellent Swiss water decaffeinated coffee brands that offers the best decaf whole bean coffee in the industry. It has a flavorful taste and complex flavor of caramel merged with cocoa. In addition, there is a hint of citrus that is refreshing and delightful. If you prefer a light roast decaf coffee then you may want to opt for different Swiss water process coffee brands. Don Pablo Decaf Coffee is a dark roast quality Swiss water coffee.


7.  Costco Decaf Coffee

One of the best things about Costco Decaf Coffee is that it comes in many signature brands such as French Roast organic decaf ground coffee, gourmet decaffeinated coffee, strong decaf coffee, dark decaf coffee, various decaf coffee whole beans, and even light roast decaffeinated coffee. In fact, it is one of the best rated decaf coffee brands for variety. Costco also has numerous safe decaf coffee brands including organic decaf coffee beans, and organic decaf ground coffee.

Best Organic Instant Decaf Coffee

Aside from decaf coffee water processed brands, whole bean decaffeinated coffee and organic decaf espresso beans, instant decaf coffee brands are one of the most popular decaf coffee ratings for people in a hurry. Some of the best decaf instant coffee reviews that are widely held include


 1. Medaglia D’Oro Espresso Instant Coffee

Best instant decaf coffee

This is the best decaf coffee brand offering a double roasted coffee that tastes like organic decaf espresso beans where just pressed. It is quick to prepare, low in acidity, and has exceptional flavor. The brew is rich, bold, and nutty. In fact, this is the best decaf espresso bean, the best instant decaf coffee.


 2. Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

second best organic instant decaf coffee

This is one of the best tasting instant decaf coffee brands around. It is incredibly rich and smooth. In addition, organic decaf espresso beans are used, so there is no bitter aftertaste. This is the best instant decaffeinated coffee, and is ideal for hiking. In fact, it is a good decaf coffee that doesn’t taste anything like instant. As well, it is the best instant decaf; the best decaffeinated coffee.


3.  Starbucks VIA Instant Italian Roast Dark Roast Coffee

third best organic instant decaf coffee

This is instant decaf coffee that tastes like regular. In addition, the best decaf espresso beans are used to make a dark and full bodied roast. Likewise, for instant, it is one of the strongest decaf coffee brands available. The caffeine free instant coffee is rich and bold with flavor that will keep you satisfied. It is the best decaffeinated instant coffee with the best decaf espresso coffee beans.


4. Four Sigma Foods Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

This instant coffee is one of the most unique and flavorful on the market. It is not a decaf coffee funny – the blend is very high quality and created with organic coffee, organic lion’s mane and Chaga mushroom powder. It is quite distinctive and the best decaf instant coffee for connoisseur who enjoy something different. In fact, it is the best Swiss water decaf instant coffee available on the market.


 6. Kava Acid Neutralized Instant Coffee

This is one of the best decaf coffee brands for instant brews. It is ideal for people who prefer low acidity. This instant coffee actually is acid-neutralized by 50%. In addition, the flavor is strong, well balanced, and flavorful. In fact, this instant decaf coffee ground will delight the taste buds. It is the best ground decaf coffee.

History of Decaffeinated Coffee

We all love our coffee first thing in the morning, even decaf connoisseurs. Truth be known, decaf coffee drinkers have as richly flavored of a drink as caffeine enthusiasts. In fact, the, production of decaf coffee has come a long way since its initial launch 1903. The first commercially successful decaf process was actually invented by the German merchant Ludwig Roselius and his co-workers. In 1906, it was patented.

The Discovery of Decaf Coffee

The discovery of decaf coffee was actually a happenstance. Roselius had received a coffee shipment that had gotten soaked in sea water during a storm. The soaked beans had basically lost most of their caffeine yet had not lost much flavor.
He experimented with the soaked beans, and discovered that benzene was a good solvent to bond with the caffeine. Since caffeine is water soluble at temperatures over 175°, Roselius boiled the solution so that the caffeine would separate from the coffee. The process was successful in decaffeinating coffee, yet the beans lost most of their flavor. After much experimentation, Roselius improved the decaf process and eventually sold his discovery to the brand name Sanka.
Since its origin, decaf methods have remained about the same. While Roselius used benzene, numerous other solvents have been utilized. However, benzene is no longer used as a solvent because of the side effects. In fact, benzene is recognized as a carcinogen; a substance that promotes the formation of cancer. Presently, the most common solvents used are ethyl acetate and dichloromethane.

Decaf Coffee Processing Methods

Obviously, using solvents like benzene as part of the decaf process is not the healthiest option. Nonetheless, there are other ways to process decaf coffee. In fact, there are 3 commonly used methods for removing the caffeine from coffee beans. Some methods are healthier than others.

European or Traditional Process (Direct Method)

The traditional direct method of processing coffee to make decaf first involves softening the bean using a steam method then washing them for around 10 hours in an ethyl acetate or methylene chloride solution to remove the caffeine from the bean. Next, the beans are re-steamed to remove any leftover solvent. Lastly, the coffee beans are dried to regain their original moisture content. Please note: many professional coffee drinkers do not feel that this is a safe decaf coffee processing method.

European or Traditional Process (Indirect Method)

The traditional indirect method of processing coffee to make decaf entails involves soaking the beans in hot water instead of steam like the direct method. The beans are then treated with ethyl acetate or methylene chloride to bond with the caffeine. Next, the solution is heated so that the ethyl acetate or methylene chloride compounds evaporate. Last, the beans are dried to their original moisture status. Approximately 80% of caffeine free coffee brands are processed by the traditional indirect method. Note: various coffee enthusiasts believe that this method produces the best ground decaf coffee. However, many health minded coffee consumers believe that this method produce bean for companies that are not safe decaffeinated coffee brands.

The Hypercritical Carbon Dioxide Method

To remove the caffeine, this method soaks the coffee beans in a solution of liquid carbon dioxide. So that the carbon dioxide remains in a liquid state, it needs to be of liquid carbon dioxide to remove the caffeine. The get to a liquid state, the carbon dioxide must be highly pressurized (73 to 300 atmospheres), which makes the product more expensive. The beans are then run through a carbon filter or the pressure is lowered and the carbon dioxide is evaporated. Some coffee specialists say that this method is healthy for the body and environment. However, the process is not cost effective.

The Swiss Water Process Method – What is Swiss Water Decaf?

Swiss decaffeinated coffee is renowned as one of the safest ways to produce the best whole bean decaf coffee and the best decaf ground coffee. This process does not use toxic chemicals. Instead, it utilizes hot water, steam and then osmosis to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans.

  • First – The green beans are soaked in hot water for remove the flavorful oils and caffeine. This batch of beans is discarded. However, the solution or Green Coffee Extract (GCE) is saved.
  • Second – An activated charcoal filter is used to remove the caffeine from the water. The flavorful oils are left in the solution.
  • Third – A new batch of beans are soaked in the GCE solution. Miraculously, the caffeine in the new batch of beans dissolves. This process is repeated until about 99.9% of the caffeine is removed from the coffee beans.
  • Lastly – The beans are dried and then roasted to perfection to produce the perfect Swiss decaf coffee.

Which Organic Decaf Coffee is Water Processed?

Today, you can find several brands of ground decaf coffee on the market. Some of the best Swiss method decaf coffee brands include

  • The Organic Coffee Co., Gorilla Decaf, flavorful organic decaf coffee beans, Ground
  • Jeremiah’s Pick – Organic Water Processed Decaf Coffee (Ground Dark Roast)
  • Kicking Horse – Organic Decaffeinated Coffee, best Swiss water process decaf coffee, Dark Roast
  • No Fun Jo Decaf – Organic Swiss Water Decaf Coffee, Fair Trade & USA Organic Certified
  • Cafe Don Pablo Decaf Swiss Water Process Colombian Gourmet Coffee Decaffeinated – Medium-Dark Roast – Whole Bean Coffee

More on SWP Decaf Coffee

If you’re wondering what decaf coffee is Swiss water processed, you may want to consider other factors. For example, SWP decaf coffee uses organic coffee beans but not always. In fact, there are actually non-organic Swiss water process decaf coffee brands on the market. However, if you are health minded and cannot find organic, then try and purchase only Swiss water process decaf brands. Swiss water coffee brands are much healthier than brands that have the lowest caffeine decaf coffee that use traditional decaf processing methods with massive chemicals.
Another factor to consider is naturally decaffeinated coffee brands. Just because a brand says their coffee is natural does not mean that it is the healthiest decaf coffee. In truth, the word natural does not guarantee that you are buying organic decaffeinated coffee or even water processed decaf coffee brands. Even top rated decaf coffee that is labeled natural does not mean that it is form a company that makes chemical free decaf coffee brands.

Where to Buy Swiss Water Organic Decaf Coffee

It used to be that Swiss water decaf brands had to be special ordered, especially if you lived in a rural area or small town. However, today you can find numerous outlets that sell co2 decaf coffee brands. You can even find organic Swiss water decaf coffee at your o local supermarket.

Have you ever considered where can you buy decaf coffee beans that are healthy and affordable? Actually, today you can find quite a few options to fit you coffee taste and budget. Some of the best places to buy Swiss water decaf coffee are

  • The grocery store
  • Online via Internet sites
  • A health food store or Co-op
  • A specialty coffee shop, particularly an organic coffee shop

What is the Best Organic All Natural Decaf Coffee?

Have you ever pondered the question “what is the best organic decaffeinated coffee on the market?” If so, there are actually certain tips and guidelines that can help you pick the perfect whole bean or ground. Here are a few tips that can help you determine the best Swiss water decaf coffee to choose on the market.

For instance, the best tasting decaffeinated coffee definitely are Swiss water decaf coffee brands and organic decaf coffee brands. In fact, the best decaf coffee is a healthy decaf coffee brand that does not use traditional processing methods such as the European Process (Direct and Indirect method). In truth, decaffeinated coffee Swiss water process brands are by far superior to brands that use solvents like ethyl acetate and dichloromethane. In addition to being healthier, Swiss water method decaf coffee brands also taste much better and have a full bodied flavor.

What is the Best Tasting Decaf Coffee?

When it comes to quality and taste, some of the best organic decaf coffees that consumers selected are just a few select brands.

According to top surveys, the best decaf coffee consumer reports (2010) with a good” rating is as follows

  • Allegro Organic Decaf Blend Medium Dark (Whole Foods) – $18.65 per lb, 42 cents per cup
  • Starbucks Decaf House Blend – $12.36 per lb, 28 cents per cup
  • Peet’s Decaf House Blend – $12.80 per lb, 29 cents per cup
  • Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend Decaf – $13.99 per lb, 46 cents per cup
  • Archer Farms Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated (Target) – $9.05 per lb, 34 cents per cup
  • Seattle’s Best Blend Decaf Light Roast – $9.59 per lb, 15 cents per cup
  • Kickapoo Organic Decaf Breakfast Blend – $14.65 per lb, 32 cents per cup
  • Sam’s Choice Organic Blend Decaffeinated – $8.00 per lb, 18 cents per cup
  • Bucks County Decaf Breakfast Blend – $11.70 per lb, 42 cents per cup

Out of the top 10, only 4 brands are organic – the best organic decaf coffee listed are Allegro Organic Decaf Blend Medium Dark (Whole Foods), Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend Decaf, Kickapoo Organic Decaf Breakfast Blend, Sam’s Choice Organic Blend Decaffeinated. In addition, some of the best organic decaf coffee brands are sustainably sourced and hand packed for compete goodness.

Which Decaf Coffee has the Least Caffeine?

Although you may not be able to drink caffeinated coffee, there are many delightful decaf coffees available on the market.

What decaf coffee has the least caffeine? Some of the top best decaf coffee beans with the least caffeine include

  • Lifeboost Organic Decaf, medium roast
  • Cafe Don Pablo Decaf, light to medium dark roast
  • No Gun Jo Decaf, medium dark roast
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee Sumatra Decaf, medium roast
  • Volcanica Coffee Costa Rica Decaf, medium roast
  • Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf, decaf dark roast coffee
  • Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf, medium roast
  • Koa Coffee Decaf Kona, medium roast
  • Eight O’Clock the Original Decaf, medium roast
  • Stone Street Coffee Mayan Decaf, medium roast
  • Volcanica Coffee Sumatra Mandheling Decaf, medium roast

What’s the best decaf coffee? Out of the top 10, the organic caffeine free coffee brands were Lifeboost Organic Decaf, and No Fun Jo.

The best water processed decaf coffee brands listed are Lifeboost Organic Decaf, Cafe Don Pablo Decaf, No Fun Jo, Volcanica Coffee’s Costa Rica Decaf, Kicking Horse Coffee’s decaf, Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf, Koa Coffee Decaf Kona, Stone Street Coffee Mayan Decaf, and Volcanica Coffee Sumatra Mandheling Decaf.

How much Caffeine is in Newman’s Own Decaf Coffee?

Have you ever wondered how much caffeine is in Newman’s own decaf coffee?

Not all decaffeinated beans are created equal. In truth, none of the decaf brands have the same amount of caffeine. In fact, even when you just compare decaf Colombian coffee, the amount of caffeine will be different due to various factors. Some of the factors that affect the caffeine rate are

  • How long a coffee is brewed; espresso vs drip coffee
  • Type of coffee e.g. instant, dark roast, medium roast, light roast
  • The method of processing; Coffee brands that use solvents vs Swiss processed decaf coffee brands

For the most part, decaf generally has 94 to 98 percent of the caffeine removed. According to study by the University of Florida (2006), an average 16 ounce, caffeinated coffee has 188 milligrams of caffeine. However, the average 16 ounce, decaf coffee has 9.4 milligrams.

Basically, all decaf coffee contains up to 7 mg per 8-ounce (236-ml) cup, sometimes more. Instant decaf coffees and darker roasts generally have a lower amount of caffeine.

How much caffeine is in Newman’s own decaf coffee? Newman’s Own Decaf Coffee uses organic Arabica beans which have about 3% caffeine per cup. In addition, brands such as Newman’s that use the Swiss water process have less caffeine than other methods used for extraction.

Where to Buy Decaf Coffee

The best place to buy decaf coffee, especially if you want quality, is at a health food store or organic coffee shop that roasts their coffee beans. Not only will you find healthy decaf coffee brands but the beans will be incredibly fresh and full flavored.

The best store bought decaf coffee and healthy decaf coffee brands are

  • Café Don Pablo Colombian Gourmet Decaf Coffee
  • Caribou Blend Decaf – high quality decaf coffee
  • Peet’s Coffee Decaf – decaffeinated ground coffee
  • Gevalia Decaf House Blend Coffee – bold decaf coffee
  • Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee – best dark roast decaf coffee
  • No Fun Jo Decaf Blend – organic decaf coffee Swiss water process

Best Flavored Decaf Organic Coffee

In truth, there are not too many flavored decaf coffee beans that are healthy. In fact, most flavored decaf ground coffee is artificially sweetened and superficially enhanced with unnatural decaf coffee flavors.

However, there are a few decaf organic coffee brands that have natural decaf coffee flavors such as

  • Jim’s Organic Hazelnut Decaf – natural decaf coffee brands
  • EKOCUPS Artisan Organic Decaf Vanilla – natural decaf coffee brands
  • Natures Flavors with a large variety of flavors – good tasting decaf coffee
  • The Bean Coffee Company featuring Peppermint Mocha – decaf organic coffee

Best Decaffeinated Coffee Reviews

When you have to give up caffeine, but coffee is your favorite way to start the day, there is always the alternative – decaf coffee.

Ideally, decaf coffee should offer you the same mesmerizing aroma and appealing taste as its caffeine counterpart. Unfortunately, a great cup of decaf is hard to come by. The same also goes with the good cup of Jo that is caffeinated.

However, a quality cup of decaf java involves a few major factors such as

  • Length of brewing; drip coffee vs espresso
  • The type of coffee bean roasts e.g. light roast, medium roast, dark roast
  • Method of processing; Traditional solvents vs decaf coffee brands that use Swiss water method

However, if you want to experience the full flavor of a good cup of Joe, then only purchase organic decaf coffee Swiss water process coffee beans. On the contrary, if you are on a budget and need cheap decaf coffee that is high quality, there are a few brands available at your local grocer.

Best decaf coffee for pregnancy

If you are pregnant and really desire coffee, the best question to ask is “what’s the best decaf coffee I can drink?” First, check for whole bean decaf coffee reviews and look for 100% organic decaf coffee that is water processed.

In addition, don’t seek decaf coffee on sale or decaf coffee beans for sale, or special decaf coffee bags. Price is not the main objective. You want to look for quality water decaf coffee, decaf coffee with least amount of caffeine.

The best caffeine free coffee is Swiss water process coffee brands. In fact, drinking coffee beans decaf only is recommended. As well, ground decaf coffee, coffee beans best on the market include organic and free of solvents, especially when you are pregnant.

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