The 10 Best Organic Baby Formulas

The 10 Best Organic Baby Formulas

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Baby formula comes in handy when the mother cannot exclusively breastfeed a newborn for one or more reasons. Whatever circumstances make it impossible to breastfeed, you need a safe alternative for your baby. The organic formula gives you a great substitute when breast milk is not available. And finally, we hope that the question What is the Best Organic Baby Formula will be answered!

Although primarily organic formula should not have toxins and synthetic ingredients, not all brands are the same. In the US, for instance, baby formula companies may add synthetic nutrients to ensure the formula meets set standards. Some people go for organic formula brands from Europe as these have all organic ingredients. 

Nevertheless, most companies use healthier ingredients, such as coconut oil and lactose, instead of canola oil and sugar. Below is a guide on how to pick the best organic baby formulas. 

Top 3 Organic Baby Formulas

our Pick
Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula

Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula

  • Non-GMO
  • It contains lutein and prebiotics
  • Contains omega 3
  • DHA and Omega 6 ARA
  • USDA certified organic
HiPP Hypoallergenic PRE Infant Formula

HiPP Hypoallergenic PRE Infant Formula

  • Natural probiotic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available for three stages
  • Different varieties available to meet different needs
  • Uses only lactose as an energy
Holle Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula

Holle Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula

  • Demeter certified
  • EU-Eco certified
  • It contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • Uses natural palm oil
  • Available in Cow and
  • Goat milk formulas

What are the Benefits of the Best Organic Baby Formulas?

The organic formula provides the same nutrients as the non-organic formula. However, the organic formula is free from pesticides and growth hormones, and other impurities that can affect your baby's health. In addition, the recipe comes with an "organic label" from USDA or any other organization that standardizes organic products. 

Parents and so many other people worldwide have concerns about the effects of pesticides and growth hormones. Some people believe pesticides cause cancer. So feed your baby with a formula that doesn't have any chemicals to be safe. 

Like non-organic formula, the organic formula contains nutrients to meet the regulations set by the FDA. The recipe should also meet specific safety and hygienic standards. These regulations ensure the baby is safe and their growth and development are guaranteed. 

What Makes the Best Organic Baby Formula?

Although all organic baby formulas have different compositions, they have similar nutrients to facilitate the growth and development of your baby. In addition, manufacturers add vitamins and minerals to make the formula digestible while still providing the needed nutrients. 

Below are some of the main ingredients in the formula:

  • Protein Source – Manufacturers use either cow milk or soy. Both options are lactose-free and are hydrolyzed. Soy or cow milk provides different proteins and broken-down proteins to make them easy to digest. Although soy is the only option for babies intolerant to dairy, soy is primarily available as GMO. In Europe, organic foods do not have soy as it has to mix with –methionine to meet set nutritional requirements. Soy may also have aluminum sucked from the soil during growth. 
  • Carbohydrate Source – Breastmilk provides babies with lactose alongside some vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals make it easier for the baby to digest the lactose. At first, babies have a challenge digesting lactose. As such, the formula has to be lactose-free or lactose-reduced. Manufacturers may add sugar, glucose syrup, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, Maltodextrin, sucrose, or natural lactose. Unless the baby is lactose intolerant, the organic formula should have lactose as a carb source. 
  • Fat Source – Most brands now use organic coconut oil as a source of fat. Avoid canola oil and palm oil. There are controversies surrounding palm oil, so it is best to avoid it. 

Ingredients to Avoid in the Best Organic Baby Formulas

An organic formula should be safe without any impurities or chemicals. However, some brands touted as organic may contain heavy metals, such as mercury, which can significantly affect the growth and development of your infant. In addition, some of these metals can cause significant and lasting effects on your child's brain. 

Some of the substances that should not be in the infant formula include:

  • Oils extracted from hexane – High levels of hexane can affect the brain, causing dizziness, slight nausea, giddiness, and headache. According to the US EPA, long-term exposure to this chemical can lead to muscular weakness and blurred vision, among other effects. 
  • Palm oil – The process of farming and harvesting palm oil is not sustainable. Again, palm oil doesn't match the natural palmitic acid present in breast milk. Coconut oil better mimics the natural oil in breastmilk. Some organic formula manufacturers blend palm oil with other vegetable oils they process using enzymes to make the formula more beneficial. 
  • Milk from cows injected with growth hormones and antibiotics – The hormones and antibiotics are linked to cancer. Manufacturers should not use milk from such farms to protect the baby. 
  • Milk from farms that use herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, among other chemicals – Most consumers link the chemicals to cancer development. Research shows that most pesticides are carcinogenic, so it is fair that manufacturers should avoid farms using these chemicals. 
Organic Baby Formulas

Which Other Ingredients Should You Avoid in Organic Baby Formula?

  • Genetically modified soy or soy combined with some chemicals – Soy is not an ingredient in any European organic baby formula. Soy is primarily available as GMO. Where organic soy exists, it needs to combine with other chemicals to meet the nutritional requirements set by different regulatory bodies. 
  • Synthetic preservatives – The formula should be free of artificial preservatives, such as beta-carotene and ascorbyl palmitate. 
  • Synthetic Ingredients – Organic formula manufacturers in the US may add artificial ingredients, such as lycopene, lutein, and taurine, among many others. Although the formula provides more nutrients, the processing of these nutrients may have involved toxic chemicals, such as toluene and hexane. 
  • Some forms of sugar – Breast milk is naturally sweet, thanks to the lactose to mimic the sweetness. Some manufacturers add sweeteners such as sucrose, corn syrup, and brown rice syrup. Besides, these sugars are not safe for the baby. For instance, brown rice syrup contains up to six times more arsenic than the safe limit set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The safest sugar is lactose from cow milk. For lactose-free infant formula, Maltodextrin should be the primary sweetener. 
  • Are Aluminum, Carrageenan, and BPA Safe for the Baby?

    You should also avoid these three substances in organic baby formula. 

    • Aluminum – To avoid aluminum in organic baby formula, avoid soy-based recipes. Soy absorbs a lot of aluminum from the soil, which can cause issues when it comes to the baby's health. You should also avoid products treated with aluminum, such as powdered milk. You can also pick a brand that uses third-party testing services to ensure that its formula is safe for use by infants. During the formula preparation, use filtered water as unfiltered water may have aluminum and other substances that may affect the baby's health. 
    • Carrageenan – Carrageenan is common in several foods and drinks in the US but not in organic formulas from Europe. The substance is extracted from seaweed, and it helps stabilize liquid formulas. According to research, it can cause inflammation in a baby's gut, which is why it should not be in a Baby's formula. Although more research shows carrageenan is safe, you should avoid it until enough evidence shows how secure the substance is. 
    • BPA – In the US, formula cans are free of BPA. This substance is a common endocrine disruptor. If you import formula from Europe, ensure that the can is safe for your baby. If you choose to import the formula, you need to get a reputable brand to buy from, which can be challenging. 

    How to Pick the Best Organic Baby Formula 

    When shopping for organic baby formula, consider the following:

    • Organic certification – USDA and Kosher certifications guarantee that the formula is safe for your baby. Look for the organic label – which tells you the formula is free from chemicals that can harm the baby and do not occur naturally. 
    • Sustainable production and packaging – As you go organic, buy from a brand committed to sustainability and helping the local communities. 
    • Third-party testing – Organic brands that use third-party testing are better. The tests help weed out heavy metals and any traces of chemicals that may have entered the food during production or processes. 
    • Ingredients – The formula should be well balanced and free of the abovementioned substances. 
    • Baby formula stage – The baby formula is available for babies of different ages. Most brands produce one-size-fit-for-all formula in the US, but some brands now make the formula for different ages. Formula imported from Europe is available for different stages. Pre-stage is for babies born prematurely, stage 1 for babies younger than 6 months, stage 2 and 3 for babies between 6 and 12 months, and stage 4 is for toddlers older than a year. 
    • Form – The baby formula is available in powder (most common), liquid, or ready-to-feed. Powder formula is easy to prepare. However, it loses some of its qualities during processing. The liquid form is healthier because it is sterile. The ready-to-feed formula comes pre-mixed. All you need to do is start feeding the baby. 
    Baby Milk Formula

    Is European Baby Formula Better than American Brands?

    Organic baby formula brands are different. For example, baby formula brands from America produce a very different formula from what Europeans offer. This is because Europe has stricter standards for manufacturing and processing baby formula than America. Also, here are some of the rules that make European brands superior:

    • According to EU standards, the baby formula should be free of sucrose (table sugar) for the stage 1 formula. The formula may have small amounts of sucrose for premature recipes and babies with allergies. 
    • The formula should contain at least 30% of the calories coming from lactose. This is not a requirement in the US.
    • Some European brands bear Demeter and Bioland certifications. Besides, these certifications check for factors beyond what the EU organic standards require. For instance, Demeter certification checks that a baby formula company commits to the welfare of animals, preservation of the environment, and sustainability. 

    The standards in Europe may be stricter but American companies also produce the great organic formula. Some, such as Kabrita USA, follow the EU standards to make organic formula for the American market. 

    Types of Organic Formula for your Baby

    • Cow's Milk – Manufacturers use skimmed cow milk. They mix this with a blend of vegetable oils to create a fatty acid profile similar to breast milk. Some brands, such as Holle, use whole milk in their formulas. The use of whole milk ensures that the formula contains the entire milk cream, suitable for your baby's cognitive development. Besides the milk, manufacturers add the necessary vitamins and minerals for the baby's growth. 
    • Goat's Milk – Goat milk is easier to digest. Brands such as Holle Goat and Kabrita USA use goat milk. The formula has the same ingredients as cow's milk formula, but goat milk is ideal for babies with intolerance to milk protein. Feed them on goat milk formula if a baby develops rashes and eczema after taking cow milk-based formula. 
    • Soy-Based Formula – This is a formula for lactose-intolerant babies. If a baby has several allergies when they take dairy, this formula will be good. The challenge with these formulas is that soy and corn sources in the US are GMOs. It is challenging to find a soy-based organic formula that is non-GMO. Again, these plant-based formulas go through processing, making it less like breastmilk. 
    • Specialty Formula – This formula is ideal for infants who have challenges digesting nutrients in the formula. Moreover, if a child has an immature digestive system, they will have bloating, colic, constipation, acid reflux, spit-up, and gassiness. Finally, the formula may have reduced lactose content and hydrolyzed proteins. 
    • Hypoallergenic Formula – For babies who suffer from severe allergies, this formula comes with particular protein sources or hydrolyzed nutrients to reduce these reactions.

    The 10 Best Organic Baby Formulas

    There are so many factors to consider when buying organic baby formula. As such, you have to take your time and research. We have created a list of the ten best organic baby formulas to make your work easier. Here they are:

    #1 rated

     Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula

    #1 Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula

    • Earth's Best Organic is a company older than 30 years. They produce high-quality organic ingredients free of GMOs, pesticides, and many other chemicals. 
    • The company was among the first to produce organic products in the US and has become very popular with time.
    • Their formula contains DHA and ARA that enhance the healthy development of the eyes and brain.
    • The formula is cow milk-based, and they make it so that it mimics natural breastmilk. It is free from antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, GMOs, and any chemicals that can affect your baby.
    • The formula is ideal for babies from birth to 12 months. The lutein in the procedure helps your baby's eyes even further.


    • Non-GMO
    • Kosher
    • It contains lutein and prebiotics
    • Contains omega 3 DHA and Omega 6 ARA
    • USDA certified organic


    •  All cow-based formula
    • Easy on Baby's digestion
    • From a reputable formula
    • Free from any chemicals
    • It includes lutein for the eyes


    • Only available for babies older than a year

    #2 rated

    HiPP Hypoallergenic PRE Infant Formula

    #2  HiPP Hypoallergenic PRE Infant Formula

    Best Organic Baby Formula for Infants

    • HiPP is a German brand. It is the largest producer of organic baby formula.
    • One thing that stands out with this brand is that they use the natural probiotic bacteria from breastmilk in their product.
    • The PRE formula is free of carbs, but you can choose other forms and stages.
    • There is another version of the formula, a Dutch version. Other versions have almost the same components.
    • All products come with an EU ORGANIC seal. The seal shows that the products and ingredients are from organic farms.
    • Based on the added ingredients, the formula is available for babies of different ages, up to stage 3 for babies 18 months or older.
    • The HiPP Allergenic formula is available for babies who have allergies.


    • Natural probiotic
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Available for three stages
    • Different varieties available to meet different needs
    • Uses only lactose as an energy


    • Mimics breastmilk closely
    • Uses all organic ingredients
    • Has EU organic seal
    • Available for babies of all ages
    • It is hypoallergenic 


    • Relatively expensive

    #3 rated

    Holle Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula

    #3  Holle Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula

    Best Organic Baby Formula for Breastfed Babies

    • Holle uses only raw ingredients in its formula. The formula is free from chemicals and preservatives, coloring, flavorings, salt, and refined sugar. 
    • All Holle organic products have a Demeter label on them. Demeter certification shows that all ingredients in the formula are produced through biodynamic methods.
    • This German product ensures that the ingredients are naturally cultivated. With the organic farms at the border of Germany and Switzerland, the manufacturer considers quality over quantity.
    • There is a cow milk formula and goat milk formula. The latter is for babies unable to digest the proteins in cow milk. Holle enriches the goat milk formula with calcium and other minerals.
    • The goat milk formula contains palm oil from sustainable cultivation and is certified by several third parties.


    • Demeter certified 
    • EU-Eco certified
    • It contains prebiotics and probiotics
    • Uses natural palm oil
    • Available in Cow and Goat milk formulas


    • Certified organic
    • Sustainably produced
    • Two varieties are available; goat and cow milk
    • The manufacturer uses biodynamic methods
    • Well-balanced ingredients


    • Contains palm oil

    #4 rated

    Lebenswert Organic Infant Formula Stage 1

    #4  Lebenswert Organic Infant Formula Stage 1

    • Another European brand. It contains all the nutrients a newborn needs after birth to six months. 
    • If your baby is older, you can choose higher stages, up to stage 3 for babies older than a year.
    • The formula contains natural lactose as the primary source of energy. It is free from sugars, such as Maltodextrin.
    • All the ingredients in the formula are organic. The formula comes with certification from Bioland, which follows stricter standards compared to EU regulations.
    • The certification guarantees that all ingredients are from chemical-free farms and assures sustainability.
    • For a product that passes Bioland's strict regulations, expect it to be non-GMO, free of inorganic fertilizers, hormones, and antibiotics.


    • Bioland Organic certification 
    • Non-GMO and free from chemicals
    • Lactose is the primary source of energy
    • It contains vitamins, minerals, essential oils
    • Free of added sugars


    •  Free of artificial sugars
    • Complete milk-based formula
    • Non-GMO
    • Organic certified formula
    • Easy on Baby's digestion


    • Costs relatively more

    #5 rated

    Nature's One Baby's Only Gentle Organic Formula

    #5  Nature's One Baby's Only Gentle Organic Formula

    • Nature's One Baby's Only uses only high-quality ingredients that exceed organic standards in the US. 
    • It comes with organic certification from OneCert to guarantee that all the ingredients are from organic farms.
    • Further, the formula won the Clean Label Project Purity Award for the purity and safety of the ingredients.
    • Each formula container contains several vitamins and minerals, and trace elements to help your Baby digest the milk better.
    • Instead of palm oil, it has organic coconut oil and natural canola oil. However, it contains eggs, so it may not be ideal if your baby is allergic to proteins.
    • The DHA and ARA come hexane-free from fungus or algae sources. It is Kosher certified.


    • Certified organic 
    • Iron-fortified
    • Kosher certified
    • Non-GMO
    • Free of corn, gluten, and soy


    •  Gluten-free formula
    • It contains rich coconut oil
    • Hexane free
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals
    • Certified organic 


    • Not suitable for babies with allergies as it has eggs

    #6 rated

    Bobbie Organic Baby Formula

    #6 Bobbie Organic Baby Formula

    Best US Organic Baby Formula

    • According to Hobbie, every container of their infant formula is inspired by natural breastmilk. 
    • Although the formula is made in the US, it has so many similarities with brands from Europe. 
    • This formula is free from corn syrup, Maltodextrin, and other synthetic sweeteners. 
    • Instead, it contains natural lactose from cow milk without prebiotics and probiotics. Bobbie also added solvent-free fats. 
    • Each container contains no hexane, palm oil, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and GMOs. It is also gluten-free and Kosher certified. 
    • The formula contains DHA to meet EU standards. This fatty acid supports the baby's brain and eyes development. 
    • Bobbie uses a blend of essential oils, including coconut oil, safflower or sunflower, and soybean oil.


    • USDA organic certified 
    • Clean Label Project Purity Award
    • Modeled from breastmilk
    • Solvent-free fats
    • It contains vitamins and minerals


    • Certified organic
    • Hexane free
    • Uses natural cow milk
    • Blend of natural oils
    • Tested beyond the set standards


    • It contains Soy which may cause allergies

    #7 rated

    Happy Baby Organics Formula

    #7 Happy Baby Organics Formula

    • Happy Baby Organics uses all-natural organic ingredients sourced from organic farms in the US.
    • The manufacturer adds several vitamins and minerals to make the milk digestible and beneficial to the baby.
    • They model their formula from breastmilk so that all the nutrients in the formula are available in breastmilk.
    • It contains two types of prebiotics, GOS, and FOS, making it even more digestible and gentle to the baby's tummy.
    • The formula is available for stage 1 babies only. These are babies from birth to six months. It comes in an iron package that maintains the freshness of the formula and is easy to use.
    • The formula is USDA-certified organic, and the packaging is free of BPA and BPS for the safety of the little one.


    • USDA certified organic 
    • Free from gluten, corn syrup, and GMOs
    • Contains prebiotics GOS and FOS
    • Highly digestible 
    • Stage 1 formula


    • Free of BPA and BPS in packaging
    • Highly digestible
    • USDA certified organic
    • Formula mimics breastmilk
    • It comes in a resealable package 


    • Only available for stage 1 babies

    #8 rated

    Kabrita Gold Stage 1 Organic Goat Milk Formula

    #8 Kabrita Gold Stage 1 Organic Goat Milk Formula

    • Kabrita Gold is a brand from the UK, but they have a facility in the US. The brand uses goat milk because it is easier to digest and loaded with several essential nutrients your Baby needs. 
    • The formula is available for babies of different ages, from stage 1 for newborns to stage 3 for toddlers.
    • Kabrita USA produces a formula for toddlers and contains a balanced amount of whey and casein.
    • Each container contains non-GMO formula free from pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics.
    • The goat milk comes from the Netherlands and Missouri from farms that meet EU and US organic regulations.
    • Kabrita uses specialty organic palm oil cultivated sustainably.


    • Goat milk formula 
    • Available for different stages
    • Contains DHA and ARA
    • Includes several minerals and vitamins
    • Uses natural lactose


    • Well balanced ingredients
    • Good for Baby's digestion
    • It contains all essential nutrients
    • Ingredients sourced from EU certified farms


    • Contains palm oil

    #9 rated

    Baby's Only Organic LactoRelief Formula

    #9  Baby's Only Organic LactoRelief Formula 

    • The Baby's Only Organic LactoRelief Formula is available in different flavors, including dairy, whey protein dairy, whey and dairy with DHA, LactoRelief with DHA & ARA, Dairy with DHA & ARA, and Whey Protein Dairy flavor. 
    • The ingredients make the formula ideal for babies sensitive to lactose or those who have digestive issues.
    • All ingredients are from natural sources. The DHA and ARA are free from hexane and not from algae and fungus.
    • The manufacturer seeks to keep improving its formula. It is USDA-certified organic and certified non-GMO.
    • The new formula contains organic canola oil as the primary fat source.
    • It is made in Ohio, USA. It meets all the regulations set by USDA and FDA for your baby's safety. 


    • DHA and ARA rich 
    • Free of hexane
    • Made in the USA
    • Lactose-free
    • It contains organic canola oil


    • USDA and FDA approved
    • Easy to digest
    • Available in different flavors
    • Ingredients from natural sources
    • Free from hexane


    • Contains canola oil

    #10 rated

    Loulouka Organic Baby Milk Formula

    #10 Loulouka Stage 1 Organic Baby Milk Formula

    Best Newborn Organic Baby Formula

    • Loulouka is a brand from Switzerland. The formula is free of palm oil, with the main content being Swiss organic milk. 
    • The formula meets the EU regulations on infant formula, making the best quality milk product on the market. 
    • The entire production, processing, and packaging process must meet strict standards to ensure its safety. It is also environmentally friendly and produced sustainably in a facility that cares about the local community. 
    • Loulouka is one of the newest infant formula brands on the market. However, the founders had produced baby food for many years before the birth of Loulouka. 
    • The use of organic Swiss whole milk and other organic Swiss ingredients enhances its potency and its safety. 


    • Cow and goat formulas
    • Meets EU regulations
    • Non-GMO
    • Free of palm oil
    • Contains prebiotic GOS


    • Organic certified
    • Sustainably produced
    • Well balanced nutrients
    • Free of palm oil
    • Safety procedure followed during production


    • Relatively pricey

    Final Thoughts

    Picking the best organic baby formula is a challenge for caregivers. There are many brands to choose from, some of which only claim to be organic but are not. As such, you need to take your time to understand a brand before you buy from them. Some brands are better than all others. Also, we highly recommend you to check out our review of Best Organic Baby Diapers.

    You do not have to try each of the brands above. Instead, pick one or a few brands that stand out and run with it. Our favorite is LouLouka, thanks to its outstanding balance of ingredients and how closely it mimics natural breastmilk. 

    Loulouka Stage 1 Organic (Bio) Infant Milk Formula

    Loulouka is a brand from Switzerland. The formula is free of palm oil, with the main content being Swiss organic milk. The formula meets the EU regulations on infant formula, making the best quality milk product on the market.

    Product Brand: Loulouka

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